About MyAfricaInfos

We are a group of young African individuals based in Africa and in the diaspora. Our main purpose is to contribute to the improvement of the image of our continent. To do so, we offer public relations services for businesses and individuals.
We are convinced that through our authentic and inspiring articles, future African generations will be able to identify themselves with other Africans and become much more aware and appreciative of the Black Continent’s value.

MyAfricaInfos.com offers several services, with the aim of increasing visibility for talented Africans in Africa and in the different Diasporas around the world.

Under the Innovations[  tab, you will find information about inventions, and companies located in Africa or in the diaspora.

The African culture is at the heart of the site’s services. Whether it is Music, Dance or Fashion, the entire African culture is celebrated, from Kitchen care to beauty services such as Capil’R.[ 

Our Interviews  are the best channel for influential individuals and public figures to tell their story or share their vision of life. African writers also use this channel to communicate their works.

MyAfricaInfos.com supports various international associations and NGOs through its sponsorship program, which allows humanitarian institutions to have more visibility.

For us, living together is a law!

Together we can do it!

MyAfricaInfos, Africa seen differently!

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