” I’ve always played my roles with the same level of energy ” – Blanche Bana

She is beautiful, talented, she comes from Cameroon and is called Messe Bana Marie J. Blanche. As a movie actress she’s a gem that we invite you to discover.

Can you tell us about your journey in the movie industry?

I made my entry into the industry in 2012, with “Le Colis” as my first movie directed by Parfait Zambo. Then, producers began to hear about me and started to give me roles in movies day by day and very quickly the spotlight began to shine on me: “who is she?”, “Where does she come from?” And the media quickly became aware of the new face in the cameroonian movie industry that I was.

Step by step, I climbed the ladder and got roles in the commercial adverts, TV series, long or short movies until we shot ” Colis 2 ” which revealed me to the general public and made me Best Actress of Cameroon at the ” Prestigieux Festival Écrans Noirs” in 2015.
I told myself that i needed to improve on my craft. So, I took training courses, because I became aware of the heavy task that lied ahead. So, I trained in acting and took part in workshops. The knowledge acquired has brought a real improvement to my career and especially to my acting skills.

I have been guest of honor at festivals such as ” Migration d’Agadir ” in Morocco in 2017.

Have you ever acted in a movie produced outside Cameroon? If yes, which ones?

During my short stay in Morocco as part of the ” Festival d’Agadir “, I had the chance to play a role in a Moroccan short film. It was the first time i featured in a short film outside Cameroon.

In 2014, I featured in a video spot for Gabon which was broadcasted on the Gabonese National Television.

Who are the African actors with whom you would like to work on a film?

I already had the chance to work with one of the best on ” le Projet Amour ” in Mayumba. And that’s the Gabonese actor Serge Abessolo. I have also been on the same set as those that i admire a lot and with whom I learned a lot, such as Gérard Essomba and Jacobin Yarro from Cameroon.

Finding myself on a set with any African actor, for me will always be a moment of happiness simply because each actor is unique in his or her own right.

What is the strength of Blanche Bana?

Listening! I listen a lot. I also work hard, and I know how to seize the opportunities that are offered to me. I have a well-defined career plan and with my lovely team to whom, by the way, I say thank you, we are gradually putting things in place.

No journey in life is straight forward. What were your biggest challenges?

I admit that my journey was not rosy. I had to face a lot of challenges, but at every point in time my team and I turned them magically into stepping stones for my progress.

In the end, I no longer consider these moments as trying ones. They are just small stones that we come across on our path and that is transformed into gold bar!
Indeed, I have never dwelt on that aspect. It may sound weird, but I do not even remember those experiences anymore. I just know I had hard times and lots of it, but I never allow them to hold me back. Why? Simply because I have a career plan that is going on well.

And since this plan is beautiful I have no reason to consider little jabs from people. That makes me laugh.

Great way of seeing things!
Indeed! I have a bigger challenge, that of living my dream. So, no need to give my time to things that do not matter.

Of all the movies you have had the opportunity to shoot, what has been your best experience?

That’s a question I like a lot!
Each of the movies in which I had the opportunity to embody a character has its particularity that we do not necessarily find elsewhere. And I have always played my roles with the same level of energy. I tell myself that I have a duty to make the story beautiful even if it is not.

From the moment my management team brings up a project and I accept it, I adopt it and love it. So, I put myself in it by always giving the best of myself.

You are currently working on a new movie. What is it about?

The title is “Amour à Mayumba” (Love to Mayumba). It’s about a love story in a student environment in which I play one of the leading roles.

Can you give us an idea of what’s in story? Some details!

No! (Laughs) If I do that, the public won’t have a reason to go watch in cinemas. I’d rather keep the suspense on. However, I can say that it’s going to be a nice film.

When is the release scheduled for?

We do not have a specific date yet. However, given the progress we are making, i think it will be ready soon.

Your beauty is natural and breathtaking. Doesn’t it give you a tough time in your working environment?

It happens from time to time, there are even some who say that this is my first asset; I do not see myself as that beautiful, my younger sister is much prettier than me. People forget that when the director defines his character, he does not necessarily puts to it in his mind, a beautiful woman to embody the said character but rather an actress who can make his character beautiful. That’s where there the nuances lie.

How about your love life, are you available?

No! I am no longer a heart to take. And soon the dates will be announced.

Great! Congratulations to you and to the happy Prince Charming!

Thank you!

What advice do you have for girls who would like to follow your steps?

I would like them to give the best of themselves to ensure they live their dreams instead of spending time dreaming about their lives. Even if they encounter challenges, they must give themselves the strength and courage to face them while trying to turn them into advantages.

Your last words?

Whatever happens do not lose sight of your goals. Affectionately B.B.

Your Contacts?

Tel: (Manager / Joyce +237 695775201)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blanche.bana
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BanaBlanche


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